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Nobody is a better judge of a great writing lesson than a teacher. Here you’ll find the absolute teacher favorites! With five lessons for constructed response, these are the tried and true comprehensive lessons that thousands of teachers are crazy about and have used with great success! We excerpt all of these lessons from our main teacher resources. Enjoy!
The lessons on Constructed Response will empower teachers with:
The 5 Best Writing Lessons copy
  • Strategic Reading-Informed Writing: Reading and writing go hand in hand, so learning to “Read with Author’s Eyes” gives students the ability to read, analyze and annotate effectively.
  • Naming Givens and Variables: This lesson breaks down constructed response questions into the givens and variables, ensuring that students are answering the question successfully. 
  • Turning Questions into Responses: Have your students ever sat looking at that blank sheet of paper, wondering how to start a response? Good news! Using the question itself, students are taught to turn the question into the first sentence of the response.
  • Flip the Sentence Subject: To avoid redundant sentence structure, add sentence variety, and paraphrase an author’s words, this strategy will transform student writing in all genres.
  • Paraphrasing: How do I take the information from the source text and formulate the response? This lesson teaches students to use text evidence.

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Empowering Writers' mission is to offer high-quality, flexible professional development, utilizing comprehensive resources and coaching support that enables teachers K-8 to be effective writing instructors. The result is capable and confident students who can communicate effectively in all forms of expression, verbal and written.

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