Write. Read. Succeed.

Will your teachers be ready to prepare students for the new STAAR assessment and align with the latest TEA updates?

We can show your Texas teachers how to improve K-8 student reading scores through effective writing instruction.  

Want to know where your school stands?  Take the STAAR-Readiness Checklist now to determine your STAAR-Readiness factor.

Contact the Empowering Writers’ team today at askus@empoweringwriters.com to discuss your specific needs and receive a complimentary evaluation to assess how your school/district’s instruction will stack up against the changing STAAR requirements.   

The Empowering Writers methodology already aligns with current TEKS standards.  Every resource and lesson we provide includes:

  • all four language domains with strands of foundational language skills
  • reading comprehension
  • response skills
  • multiple genres
  • author’s purpose and craft
  • composition
  • inquiry and research. 

And, we continue to update our skill-based instruction to meet the changing needs of your ELAR teachers. 

Hear what another Texas administrator had to say about Empowering Writers:

"We saw tremendous growth in our writing scores on my campus, but more importantly, we saw great individual growth for our students."  —Keith Thompson, Principal (Taylor, TX)

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