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Welcome to our teacher HUB where you’ll find all of the Empowering Writers’ resources you need to empower your writing instruction. 

Get online access to your grade-level, digital teaching guide and everything Empowering Writers has to offer through the HUB. 

From lesson plans, pacing guides, rubrics, and done-for-you presentations, to animated lessons and virtual field trips that keep students engaged throughout the school year…it’s all at your fingertips 24/7, right inside the HUB.  Take it for a test drive today.

Empowering Writers' HUB gives you detailed and helpful, step-by-step instructions that are easy-to-follow and build confidence in your ability to teach writing effectively.  Try the HUB free for 14 days to see all of the EW writing resources, foundational skills, modeled lessons, classroom ideas, and instructional tools available to support you in helping your students succeed.

Empowering Writers is with you on your journey to improve your own writing instruction, and grow your students’ interest and abilities.  We have taught over 100,000 teachers (just like you) how to improve student writing.  And, as teachers ourselves, we continue to adapt the Empowering Writers’ resources to meet the changing needs in your classroom and school district.  

Hear what a fellow teacher had to say about the HUB:
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"Everything was helpful! Empowering Writers has given me more confidence in teaching writing. The teacher videos are clear and help me anticipate what my students may struggle with."
-Millie A., Grade 4 Teacher (TX)



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The HUB is an online teacher resource that gives you everything you need to teach writing effectively.  Check it out now to see lesson plans, modeled lessons and the digital teaching guide for your grade, plus instructional coaching videos that walk you through the writing methodology and materials.

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