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Distance Learning Student Assignments

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When schools started closing in March, our creative, student and teacher focused, content team dove right into creating additional lessons and enhancing ways for teachers to support their students virtually. The results of their “can-do” attitude and support can be found in our Distance Learning Student Assignments of all our HUB guides. (We are providing free access to all of digital guides until June 30th.) 

Empowering Writers is now the number one choice for distance learning writing lessons among educators.

Teachers can choose to roll out lessons "as is" or to use as a template to "make it their own”. The content is dynamic, engaging and reinforces so many of the necessary writing and reading skills our students need.

For teachers that are “New To” EW, jump right in! We have instructional teacher background videos and modeled lessons that can inform your instruction.

We've added a new section at the front of the guides for easy access to these student assignments.

Distance Learning Student Assignments include:

Quick Writes - students will practice the mechanics, parts of speech, figurative language, vocabulary, and genre techniques using short answer responses. Three weeks of quick writes are provided with directions for students to complete two a day.

Skilled Focused Fun Around the House - assignments can be used for a daily writing assignment or even a week long challenge! Because of the Google format, you will be able to adjust topics, level of content, or usage of skills as needed for your grade level.  

Lessons of the Month - Revised for Distance Learning - take advantage of our popular monthly lessons that have been modified for distance learning.  

K-1 Distance Learning Lessons include a variety of assignments spanning a range of foundational writing skills and strategies concurrent with the Empowering Writers methodology.  The lessons are stand-alone with skills presented in isolation. Every assignment can be sent to students exactly as is or separated into several lessons.

Integrated Unit - this unit includes process pieces for expository, narrative, and argument writing that connect with a selected theme or topic. You may choose to use the whole unit (all 6 weeks) or choose the genres you wish to assign.

Virtual Trip Journal - staying home has its advantages, but wouldn't it be fun to visit a few places you've never been before? Students are provided links and prompts to share their adventures.

Editing & Revising Lessons - Skill Power! instructional powerpoints and interactive digital student activities that can be assigned for distance learning.  These selected lessons cover grammar and mechanics while making connections to process writing.

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